Gift Planning
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Trustees of Tradition

The Milwaukee Public Museum has established the Trustees of Tradition to acknowledge, thank, and honor those friends and members who have included MPM in their estate plans.


  • An informative and educational luncheon each Spring and Fall
  • Invitations to all VIP donor events
  • Recognition in our Annual Report and on the First Floor Donor Wall
  • The knowledge that you are giving MPM a gift to ensure its existence now and in the future

Every planned gift is important, and we are sincerely grateful to each and every Trustee for their support. The Museum recognizes the following Trustees who have included MPM in a planned gift as of November 2021.

Kathryne & Steve Ahrens
Amy & Troy Andersen
Dorothy Aring
F. Tessa & Richard N. Bartels
Gertrude Bates*
Priscilla & Anthony Beadell
Thomas Bliffert*
John Blimke, Ph.D.
Laurette Broehm
Patricia M. Buck*
Lieselott Buettner*
Susan E. Buxton*
Carol A. Carpenter
John & Julie Carpenter
Anthony and Vicki Cecalupo
Lynn Chappy
Margaret & George Chester, Sr.*
Norman & Lucy Cohn*
Mary C. Corcoran*
Daniel & Mary Corcoran*
Nancy Davis & Chess Erwin
Lawrence E. Demmer*
Mary & Fredrick H. Dohmen*
Mary F. Donald*
Constance & Dudley Godfrey*
Patricia Emerson
Gertrude K. Erskine*
Freda Huber*
Pauline McKnight*
Tom & Marilyn Fifield*
Linda Findley*
Florence & Roland Cron*
Thomas L. Frenn
Marjorie Garrison*
Elsa C. Gatzke*
David & Velma Geraldson
Brian Glenn
David Glenn
John R. Gmeindl
Pauline L. Goeltz*
Donald J. & Carolie M. Goniu*
Bernadine & Stephen Graff
Evelyn & Harold F. Grunewald*
Sally Hammond-Wells & George Wells*
Kristin Hansen and Darrel Johnson
Earl E. Hart*
William C. Haynes*
G. Edward & Priscilla Heinecke*
Avis & James Heller*
Ann Bardeen Henschel, M.D.*
Elizabeth S. Herbon*
Thomas G.A. Herz
Esther Jane Hoffmann*
Donna & Richard* Holscher
William Honrath & Elizabeth Blackwood
Janina Jach*
Joyce & Noral* Jacobs
Carol & Charles James
Susan & Leander Jennings
James H. & Carol J. Kelly
Cathy & Kenneth Kerznar
Charles Kletzsch*
Mary Krall
Jeanne & Jack* Ladky
William S. Revolinski & Debra L. Lampe-Revolinski
Frieda F. Luctman*
Dr. Nancy O. Lurie*
Kristie & Dr. John* Malone
Sally & Robert L.* Manegold
Joan A. Markel*
Mary Maude Mason*
Gregg A. Miller & Elizabeth M. Matz
Elizabeth J. May*
Pauline McKnight*
Ann & Charles McNeer*
David G. & Marion S. Meissner
Mary A. Mellowes*
Dede Meyer Foote & Robert T. Foote*
Suzanne Miles*
Janet Miller*
Stephen D. Miller*
Steven J. Mintz
Patricia Mitschrich
Caroline & Albert Mundt*
M. Lucille Neff*
Lenore Nuesslein*
Helen & Jeanette Oberndorfer*
Elizabeth O'Neill*
Mariette & Philip W. Orth, Jr.*
Elizabeth "Jolly" & Frederick L. Ott*
Lygere Panagopoulos
Martin H. Panning* Family Trust
Claire & Robert Pfleger
Julie Quinlan Brame & Jason Brame
Marion & Verne Read*
Tomm E. Renk
Albert E. Rinehart*
Dana & Peter Rokich*
William R. Rom*
Emanuel N. Rotter*
Dolores E. Rudolph*
Christine Rundblad & John Brander*
Betty Samuelson*
Randall Sandes*
Anita Sangor*
Ruth V. Schoen*
William E. Schultz*
Elizabeth Schulze*
Alice M. Shaughnessy*
Ms. Susan Shields
Katherine Sieker*
Katherine M. Smith*
Yvonne B. Smith
Nita Soref, Trustee
Gretchen Sousek*
Gerald* & Louise Stein
Gloria T. Stanford
John W. Taylor
Aaron & Anita Tilton*
Alice M. Treder*
Mike Van Asten
Hariette & Harvey E. Vick*
Lowell Warshawsky*
Marlene & Robert Watchmaker*
Audrey Wegner*
Edward Weschler*
Robert & Jessie Whitmore*
Joan C. Wiegand*
Barbara & Ted Wiley*
Jay & Madonna Williams
Patricia Smith Wilmeth*
Winifred & Webster Woodmansee*
Daisy Woods*
Diane & Richard Wright
Imogene M. Wyckoff*
Blanche R. Yale*
Allen M. Young
Mrs. Richard Zauner
Bettie Zillman*
Mary Jane Ziska*



Our Mission

The mission of the Milwaukee Public Museum is to inspire curiosity, excite minds, and increase desire to preserve and protect our world's natural and cultural diversity through exhibitions, educational programs, collections, and research.